Ostrich Feather Regrets

Do you ever see a piece of clothing (or other item), ponder it, and decide not to partake of it… then see it on someone else and think, “What was I thinking?  That [jacket, skirt, bracelet, etc.] is to die for, and it was madness of me to pass it up!!”

I have.  Many times.  My most recent regret is passing on this stunning jacket:

Photo: www.harpersbazaar.com

When I first saw it, I was intrigued.  I considered it for a while, and decided to pass.  I’m sure I was thinking, “Where would I wear that jacket?  It’s not exactly practical.  Ostrich feathers don’t exactly scream ‘school drop-off,’ ‘serious meeting,’ ‘lunch with a friend,’ or even ‘night at the movies with the husband.'”  I couldn’t picture how I’d wear it during daylight, and could only imagine a few after hours options for it.  But then I saw Sarah Rutson (above) wearing it in such a lovely but relatively low-key way that I was left kicking myself (and still am all these months later).

Her jacket is Elizabeth and James and is no longer available (unless you’re a size 2 and shopping on ebay).  Elizabeth and James has a new version that is slightly different:

So far, I’m not convinced.  But is that a decision I’ll regret?  What do you think?


  • Sandra C.

    funny. i had lusted after that coat too, and never purchased. i too regret. what a fabulous article of clothing! i like the new one, but i wish the top wasn't so boxy….
    p.s. that woman's ensemble is flawless! i love it!!!!

  • Alexandra Singer

    I'm wondering if the first one looked boxy buttoned up too. I think it might look better unbuttoned. What do you think?

  • Cortnie Elizabeth

    This is such an awesome look. Love the black and white and the feather detailing.


  • Alexandra Singer

    Thanks for your comment Cortnie! But do you like the feathers as much as the original ostrich? I'm torn…

  • Anastasia from Natbeesfashion

    I like feather details!

  • Sandra C.

    yeah i think looks more boxy buttoned. plus the model doesn't have an ounce of fat on her so i don't think she is the best "model" for it. she has nothing to fill it out. i think it would be cute. and i think the feathers are fun. over a cute cocktail dress for holidays. over jeans! love it

  • I am Khatu

    i passed on the same jacket, mainly because I wouldn't know how to style it. But it looks amazing on her!

  • Bad Joan

    It's definitely cool.. for right now!


  • Alexandra Singer

    I am Khatu- I did the same– now we know one look for it! It seems an easier piece to wear than I expected. P.S. I'm from Boston too (though I don't live there anymore)! I miss it so much!

    Bad Joan– so you're saying to pass? Sounds like it!

    Thanks for your comments, Ladies!! xo