Zara Finds

Zara finds

Zara finds by alexsinger featuring short sweaters

You may remember that I wrote a while back about my friend’s ah-mazing dress from Zara.  The yellow one?  I loved it so much I wrote about it twice (here and here).  Well, I bought the dress in black (because they didn’t have my size in yellow) and loved it just as much (although, let’s face it– the yellow is more eye-catching).  I wore it to an event last night and even had my husband snap photos to show you.  Well, that was a big mistake because, not only is my husband not a photographer, but he also doesn’t really put in the necessary effort to get a good photo.  So… you will not be seeing photos from last night.  Here’s hoping that I’m able to train him or find some other solution (perhaps there’s an underemployed paparazzo who will decide randomly to stalk me?) so that you can see some photos of my actual outfits.

But, the whole thing got me thinking about Zara and what a treasure trove it is.  So I looked through some of their latest offerings to find my favorite chic, lower priced items.  Because who doesn’t like looking chic for less?

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