My Makeup Inspiration (a.k.a. the Radiant Goddess Behind the Makeup Counter)


Do you have a makeup inspiration?  A woman who wears makeup so well she makes you want to up your game and put more than 5 minutes into your appearance in the morning?  I never did, until recently.  But now I do.  Hardcore.

There’s this gal (I believe her name is Danni) who works at the NARS counter at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Naples, Florida (in case you want to stalk her and try to do exactly what she does, like I would if I were in Naples more frequently). **
Let me first say this: Danni and I have little in common.  Whereas I am blonde (thanks to the wonders of science and Goldwell products) have skin so fair it’s basically see-through, and look so bad in bangs that, 4 years later, I still regret cutting bangs into my hair before my only sibling’s wedding, Danni has olive skin, gorgeous dark brown hair with caramel highlights, and an amazing set of bangs.  Nonetheless, the two times I’ve seen her while I was shopping, I’ve run over to her and asked her to allow me to purchase every last thing she is wearing on her face because she looks stunningly fabulous.
Each time, Danni has dutifully written down her list of products (she blends multiple blushes and lip products, and the last time I saw her was wearing a bronzer, two blushes, and three lip glosses blended together– not to mention all the other products she had underneath or on her eyes).  Normally, this is just WAY too much for me.  I have very limited time to get ready each day (as, I’m sure, all mothers do), but seriously, this gal looks so good that I’ve kept up the 3 cheek and 3 lip products regimen since I saw her).
I thought I’d share them with you, so that you can benefit from Danni’s genius (when I’ve marveled at the intricacy of her routine, she gamely explained that, behind the counter, they have tons of time to mix and experiment with products).  Here are the latest formulas she gave me (and I swear they look really good on us both, though we have very different complexions):
For cheeks:
Laguna bronzer (click on the name for a link to each product)
For lips:
When you first look at them, these might seem like they shouldn’t be mixed together, but, I assure you, they are stunning put together (but I think it makes sense to follow Danni’s order, as listed above).  If you’re on the lookout for some new makeup, I highly recommend these combinations!!  You’ll look dewy and fresh and lovely (even if, like me, you look hideous in bangs).  
**I just tried, with fingers crossed, to find a picture of her on Google, but no luck.  The few details I have about her do not yield a photo, but I wish you could see how stunning this woman is (and how well she wears makeup).


  • Sandra C.

    so exciting. i love when you post about makeup. something i find very intriguing and exciting, but something i know nothing about nor give much time to. i love to get some new colors- feel refreshed. can't wait to check out the make up counter! thanks jackie :)!

  • Dani

    What an amazing compliment! I wonder if anyone can tell I'm blushing through my 'orgasm' blush cheeks…you made my day! Rumor has it, I missed you while you were in town so please email me next time so we can play in some more makeup. Great blogs! XOXO 'your radiant goddess' Dani Taverna/Duality Artistry

  • Alexandra Singer

    Dani!!!! (See, gals, she's real!!) It's so wonderful to hear from you!! I'd love to hear your latest magical combinations of products– you changed the way I look at makeup (and I wish we lived closer so I could run to you when I'm in need of makeup inspiration).