Inspiring Spaces: Home Office

A home office space can be a conundrum.  It’s wonderful to have the space to have a home office, but how do you make it useful, efficient, and lovely enough that you don’t mind looking at it?  This office, designed by architect Peter Pawlak, accomplishes all those things in an amazing, modern, clean way.  
Source: Remodelista

This office achieves one of the most difficult feats in all of home office-dom: it ensures a clean-looking desk at all times.  How does it do this most amazing thing?  By allowing the desks to open and close with spring-loaded levers.  When the desk is open, it is a perfectly functional office space– complete with photos, outlets, writing space, desk organizers, and a bulletin board.  When it’s closed, it’s a perfectly spare console.  Genius, isn’t it?  

Source: Peter Pawlak

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