Style Icon: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

I have been fascinated by the style of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy since I first laid eyes on her in 1996 when the media first caught wind of her marriage to John F. Kennedy, Jr.  Her style was unlike anything I’d seen before– chic, pared down to perfection, with a blonde mane so striking I’m still trying to replicate it.

Though ’90s minimalism was all the rage when Carolyn came into the public eye, Carolyn’s style was beyond just minimalism.  Her style was so beautiful, so timeless, that pictures of her taken in the ’90s still look totally fresh and stunning.

Carolyn could wear a simple black dress, a floor length gown, or jeans and a tee shirt and look perfectly flawless.  Whether she had her hair in a ponytail while walking her dog or was dressed for a formal occasion, her look was unmistakably hers and remarkably gorgeous.

Here are some of my favorite photos of her style.  I am so inspired by her, and I only wish that she were still here to inspire us.  As Jackie’s daughter-in-law, she, quite literally, followed in Jackie’s footsteps, while expressing a style that was all her own.

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