Weekend by the Bay

I spent a few days this past weekend in San Francisco making various preparations for our move this summer.  The city is still new to me, and so there is still so much for me to discover about it.  But every time I’ve been there, it’s been absolutely lovely, and I am falling more and more in love with it.

On Saturday morning, my friend and I headed to the Ferry Building where there is an amazing farmer’s market every Saturday.  Here is the Ferry Building (from the front):

As you walk in the Ferry Building, and then behind it, you see an amazing array of stations where local vendors are set up, selling, among other things, fruits and vegetables, breads, cheeses, hummus, skincare products, delicious dried fruits, jams, honey…
And this is the scene just beyond the vendors.  You can sit and eat some of your finds with gorgeous views of the Bay Bridge just behind you.
Here’s another view of the bridge.  I couldn’t get enough of it that day, with the sun shining and the weather about as perfect as it can be.  All felt right with the world.  
As we left, we caught a glimpse of this cool trolley car (in one of the poppiest hues for spring).
Here’s the view of the famous Transamerica Building from my dirty hotel window.  Still pretty cool, right?
And, just to prove that San Francisco really is a new land, look what I found in the airport:
Yep, that’s a yoga room.  In the airport.  Is that the raddest thing you’ve ever seen in an airport, or what?
Well, actually, the yoga room has competition as the raddest thing I’ve found in an airport, because I also found this sent-from-the-heavens caramel corn in the airport.  It’s Spiced Almond caramel corn, actually, which is basically the most awesome caramel corn I’ve ever tasted in my life.  It has just a hint of spice, and it’s handmade in California by CC Made.  This is all that’s left of my bag (and yes, I’ve ordered more.  You can buy it here.  Enjoy!!)


  • Caitlin

    Love your blog header đŸ™‚ What could be better than high heels and teddy bears??


  • Sandra C.

    So fun. Seems like a very cool place to live. Looking forward to a future visit

  • MJ

    Love your photos. Brings back so many happy memories. And what a grand place to make memories of your own.