Inspiring Spaces: Living Room with Pop

When I saw this photo in The New York Times Magazine a few weeks ago, it beckoned me.  I was drawn in by the relative simplicity, the palette of white, gray, black, and punches of magenta.  It’s both soothing and invigorating, calm and lively.  These are hard combinations to pull off, but here they are, perfectly. The furniture is all upholstered in solids, but there are animal prints, polka dots, patterns, and boldly hued artwork to add punch.  
I keep studying the photo to figure out how they’ve pulled off so many seemingly contradictory aims.  It’s still somewhat mysterious to me, but this much I know: hot pink velvet makes a statement, no matter what it’s surrounded by.  What an incredible way to add “pop” to a a space!
Have a bright + happy weekend!

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