White on White

I’ve mentioned that I like white on white for interiors, and today I saw an outfit incorporating white on white (on white, on white…) that made me realize you can never really have too much of the non-color in your wardrobe.   I’m also loving the Converse addition to the equation.  I’ve mentioned I’m wearing sneakers more of late, and Converse basically can’t be outdone.  They may be the perfect shoe (comfortable, hip, timeless…could you ask for more?).

It’s a lovely look from Textile Elizabeth and James for Fall 2012.  I know it may seem a wee bit early to be contemplating fall (as summer has not yet officially arrived), but I do love when seasons merge into each other, and white is somewhat unexpected (and amazing) for fall.

Now I’ve got white on my mind.  Do you have any favorite white looks or items?

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  • Sandra C.

    I love this look! I tend to be very much a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal. This is right up my ally. My white converse sneakers have always been a staple in my wardrobe and I don't see them going anywhere! Great pic!

  • fashion suicides

    Oh, not so long ago I made a white on white look! It was more a "white suit" and I loved it. Got lots of compliments too :).

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