Can You Feel It?

It’s coming!!  Can you feel it?  Fall, that is.  Yes, on many levels it’s still the hot, sticky middle of summer.  But on other levels (in the fashion world, at least) Fall is nearly upon us.  Soon we’ll all be sporting dark nails again and yearning to wear sweaters.

This lovely photo of Hanneli in August’s Glamour magazine (among so many other things) has me excited about the Fall ahead.  For one, I’ll soon be moving to a land where it’s never hot (San Francisco, that is), so I need to be planning ahead.  But generally, by mid-summer I’m itching to see/wear/embrace Fall clothes and all the new sartorial ideas afoot.

This photo embodies a few things that you can start incorporating long before the weather turns cold– such as loafers in fun saturated colors and shoulder bags in new (read: less neon, more jewel-tone) hues.  So you can start gearing up for Fall without putting on a turtleneck.  But, trust me, it won’t be long before you want to do that too.



  • love this pictures!!


  • I love this photo, and I too and looking forward to fall. Great site!