Feeling Blue

Well, not really (as in I’m not really feeling blue, although I am feeling kind of blindsided by the Kristen Stewart affair– wink), but I have worn blue nail polish most of the summer.  Remember this?  Now, however, as summer wears on toward Fall and I’m getting all excited about the coming changes in the fashion landscape, I’m thinking of switching it up.  To dark blue.  Crazy, huh?

It actually is an unusual step for me.  Aside from my much-discussed (but now past) aversion to red, I’ve had a long-term issue with navy.  I think it goes back to my days as a poor student when it didn’t make sense to mix things up much from classic black.  Because all things black (sort of) match, I just stuck to the classic non-color and felt chic even though I couldn’t buy designer pieces (unless the designer was a Monsieur J. Crew.  Okay, that’s not an actual person, I know!).

Anyway, I’m getting more adventurous.  So bring on the navy nail polish.  It’s close enough to black, but with enough of a twist to seem new and interesting. (And navy is going to be big for Fall.  This particular navy has a hint of grey to it, too, which makes it even more wearable.)   At this point, I think I can safely say that all bets are off and there’s just no way of guessing where I’ll go next style-wise.

What about you?  Would you go navy?  (If so, you can get the above lacquer here.)


  • sandra

    i love dark navy nails! and i have always secretly loved dark navy and black together- secretly because it was always such a no-no! i wish i had the guts to rock it anyway- but ya know i am learning to be braver 🙂
    but i was psyched to see this color combo start popping up lately, like in these yummy flats: http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/313250

    so fun! 🙂

  • Alexandra

    Those flats are great!! I never knew you harbored this secret love for black + blue. 😉 Let me know if you paint your nails navy. 🙂 xo