Sweet Summer

When a heatwave strikes, it can be hard to be both fashionable and cool (in the body heat index sense).  When hundred degree days struck my area of the East Coast, I had to scramble to find new options each day that were both presentable and unlikely to induce heat frustration.  Enter denim cut-offs with minor fraying (but not the over-the-top variety) and a sweet shirt with eyelet details.  With its thin fabric and built in air conditioning (in the form of decorative holes), it met all of my needs.  Add a pair of fabulous Zara leopard flats, and I was ready for another scorcher.  I think the shirt will be cool (in the hip sense) in the fall, too, over jeans and under a sweater.  Plus, it’s on sale, so how much more can you possibly ask for (other than more moderate temps, which have gratefully landed for the time being)?

Shirt: Isabel Marant / Shorts: Joe’s Jeans / Shoes: Zara (similar here) / Sunglasses: Bottega Veneta


  • Brooke Kirby

    Love this outfit! Especially the.shirt! (:

  • Alexandra

    Thanks Brookie!! I want to get your sizes in case there’s anything of mine you want when I clean out my closet for the big move. 🙂

  • cute outfit!

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  • Love the shoes! And hope you were able to stay cool! I’m headed to the midwest this weekend and I’m not looking forward to the heat.