I’ve done a lot of thinking about coats lately.  When we move to San Francisco – where the temperatures hover around 60 all year – I’m pretty sure I’m going to be feeling cold a lot (although not the same brand of cold that Boston winters bring, thank heavens!!).  So I’ve been planning my outerwear with a vengeance.  Layers are, after all, essential in that weather.  And this coat was one of the first items to make my cut.

I love so much about what the Proenza Schouler boys are doing right now.  Tweeds are up there among my favorite materials they’re using.  And this jade green tweed coat speaks to me on so many levels.  Its hue, of course, is amazing (and unusual in a tweed).  Its length is perfect, and its shape relaxed.

It’s already awaiting my move in my closet.  (By the way, the sweet sales woman at Proenza Schouler– did you know they just opened their first stand-alone store in NYC??-  suggested ordering 2 sizes down, because its shape is boxy otherwise.)  You can find yours here.

Have a wonderful weekend!!