Easy Chic

Summer is drawing to a close, which is both hard to believe and, for me, heartening; because the summer has been a whirlwind of moving and trying to get settled in a new location without being at our final destination quite yet.

As I look back on it all, I see that, sartorially, this, for me, was a summer marked by two things: jumpsuits and Isabel Marant, both of which actually coincided more often than not.  I fell in love with Isabel Marant’s jumpsuits– they were (and are, though I’ve moved to cooler climates) perfectly easy and chic.  These two qualities don’t often go hand in hand.  In fact, chic can often seem the exact opposite of easy, and this can be difficult for a mother of young children.

When you’re chasing after children, chic can seem completely inconsequential.  But it is, for me, an essential lifeline back to who I am.  Feeling good is priceless, for a mother as much (if not more) than anyone else.  To remember that you’re a whole human being, beyond your children, is an invaluable reminder when life can easily be subsumed by the needs of others.  And when you feel good, your good feelings can easily inure to the benefit of others, not the least of which one’s children.

Anyway, Isabel Marant helped me stay in touch with my chic side this summer, and I am beyond grateful.  And mothers, clearly, aren’t the only ones to benefit from the marriage of ease and chic.  In fact, who couldn’t benefit?

Jumpsuit: Isabel Marant / Bag: Celine / Shoes: Valentino

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