Happy Birthday, Julia

I have a serious crush on Julia Child.  To mark what would have been her 100th birthday (on August 15), a wonderful new biography of the talented chef and television personality has been released.  And I have to say it’s one of my favorite books I’ve read in a long time.  The book (pictured above), is called Dearie, and it is a page turner.  The woman who emerges from the pages is so charming, full of life, and fascinating that it’s easy to become taken with her (it’s also easy to imagine, for those of us too young to have been fully won over by her charm during her years on television, to see how she inspired a nation of people to look at food differently and to begin cooking in earnest.)  In fact, the book inspired me to look for videos of her, and I found this hilarious video of Julia resorting to using a blowtorch while cooking on David Letterman’s show when his stove wouldn’t work.  Her charm, sense of fun, and joie de vivre are on full display and clearly win Letterman over.

Julia’s biography is fascinating in part because it took her so long to find her “calling.”  It’s so interesting to learn how long she muddled along as a well-to-do socialite before joining a spy organization during WWII and falling into the craft for which she would become known during her mid-thirties.  (In fact, she began the book for which she would become famous at age 40 and began appearing on public television at age 50!)  She also had a lifelong love story (though not meeting him until she was in her 30’s, which at the time was considered spinster territory) with her husband, Paul Child, and their story is another wonderful part of her story.

Julia Child is truly an inspiration and one of the most winning personalities I’ve read about in a long time.  I highly recommend Dearie.  Run out and get it now!  You’ll have such a blast reading it!

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