Strength of Style: Laetitia Paul

I have been seeing photos of this strong, unique woman cropping up in different places of late.  So much about her look is captivating: the way she incorporates high fashion with pieces that most women have in their closets: white jeans, cut-off jean shorts, beaded bracelets, black and grey tee shirts; she mixes high and low beautifully: beaded bracelets and Hermes cuffs, Celine and Isabel Marant pieces with simple staples; her juxtaposition of an all-black skirt, shirt, and blazer with gym-ready sneakers; the strength she wordlessly embodies by putting things together in a different way and the way she carries herself.

I loved the photos I saw of her, and I wanted to know who she was.  But until now, I had no idea.  Turns out she is Laetitia Paul, the fashion editor for French GQ.  I’m glad to have finally figured out who she is, because now I can keep my eye out for more pictures of her.  It’s so inspiring to see someone put things together in a different way and, especially, to look so different because of the way she carries herself.  That’s one of the things that’s so great about fashion and street style blogs.  Inspiration is everywhere, and it’s so much fun to have a new source of inspiration!

Have a happy weekend!

Photo Sources:, The Sartorialist, and The Fashion Spot

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