The (Wild) One That Got Away

This dress haunts me.  It calls my name and then scurries away, hiding behind the nearest telephone pole.  It crops back up every time I think I’ve finally gotten it off my mind.  It’s a gorgeous neon Proenza Schouler confection from a few seasons ago (but wouldn’t you know that it would still look perfectly appropriate walking down the street today, or this fall, even.  In fact, Leandra Medine, the woman behind The Man Repeller owns this dress and loves to mock me with it.  She just wore it in her recent Barney’s promo.  I just about cried.)

Do you have one of these?  A piece that you should have bought but didn’t;  and then it was too late?  Does it haunt you, mock you while appearing on the bodies of other, apparently quicker, people who listened to its call while the piece was still available?  I’m sure you do.  It can’t just be me, right?

Well, I’m putting mine out there into the Universe.  For two reasons: one, I have to get it off my chest, because I think that might help ease the pain.  But also, the last time I did this, one of you dear souls (who happens to be my sister-in-law) spotted the same item in a different color and made my life.  So, who knows?  Maybe it’ll happen again.

Meanwhile, I’ll be sitting here in my pile of tears, dreaming of what could have been. . . .

Photo Source: The Coveteur


  • That is a great dress! Hope the universe sends it your way 🙂

  • Sandra

    That is a pretty one!