Tough Cuff

Valentino’s studded bags and shoes have made their mark.  Around for the past few years, they have a staying power that screams “classic in the making.”  They add a dash of toughness, while being feminine and chic.  Now they make cuff bracelets that can add the same fortitude to an outfit– from jeans to a pencil skirt (but at a price point that is kinder to your wallet– if not your adversaries).  I’m dreaming of adding one to my repertoire.  Would you?


  • sandra

    totally!!! i love it! don’t you have an hermes one? i feel like i have seen you wear one of theirs before and i was loving it!

    • Alexandra

      Hi Sandra- I do, and one thing I like about this one is that it’s less pricey. They’re fun to layer with smaller bracelets too! xo