Travel Day

Traveling on planes with children these days is no joke.  Gone are the days of airplane travel being glamorous.  Now, I just really want to live through the whole experience and get where I’m going.  And when you’re traveling with kids, it’s not just the actual flight you need to survive (although that, in itself, is a gamble).  There’s the long trek across the airport with seemingly everything you own; the joy of collapsing a stroller while taking your shoes off and retrieving your toddler from the different security line he’s escaped to; getting rid of your liquids before you get to the security line, but repurchasing them before getting on the plane; having enough layers to survive the massive change in temperature that somehow accompanies flights these days…

So, even if you care to be stylish on a flight with children (especially a long one), chances are your definition of stylish may have to be amended for the purpose.  Even if your denim normally is of the fitted variety, for instance, you may want to opt for something more relaxed for the occasion.  Hence, I took my recent six hour trip in the above: boyfriend jeans, Converse sneakers, Isabel Marant tank, and cardigan.  I survived, as did my children, so, mission accomplished!  And, look, I even had a smile at the end of it.

Now, I’m just hoping I have a respite before I have to do the whole thing again.  🙂

Jeans: Current/Elliott (similar here and here) / Tank: Isabel Marant  (I also really love this one here)/ Cardigan: Inhabit / Sneakers: Converse


  • Reading this puts a smile on my face. I know exactly what you’re talking about. To date, the idea of getting to an airport sends a shudder through my entire body. I don’t know how some moms managed to deal with 4 kids under the age of 6 by themselves.

    • Alexandra

      I totally agree! I don’t know how people do it with bunches of kids. It’s hard enough with two. 😉 xo

  • sandra

    glad to hear it wasn’t too bad or the march trip would not have been looking so good… haha. you look great. so glad you all got there safe. miss you already

    • Alexandra

      It wasn’t bad at all! I was literally euphoric when I realized how much better it had been than I feared. 🙂 Miss you! xo