Wine Country Weekend

Some things just speak for themselves.  Like the beauty of Sonoma.  Or the wonder of a cream colored crinkle halter dress by Isabel Marant bought on huge sale.  Or a night out without the kids.  When all of the above coalesce, it is a thing of beauty that must be fully appreciated.  And for me, this weekend, it was.

Here’s to a wonderful week!

Dress: Isabel Marant (no longer available, similar skirt here) / Shoes: Givenchy / Military Jacket: Gap / Sunglasses: Stella McCartney


  • Brooke Kirby

    Sounds like a fun weekend! You look absolutly stunning! (:

    • Alexandra

      Thanks Brookie!! I miss you. xoxo

  • sandra

    great ensemble! ahh, can’t believe you are out there. it is so surreal. love the dress on you- and it brings back great boston memories 🙂

    • Alexandra

      That was fun, right? Thanks, Sandra. xo

  • crystall

    Am amazed at how well you multitask. Fashion, motherhood and your blog! How do you find the time to manage the household…cleaning, expenses, scheduling? You must be someone who stays on top of things at all times and do it with panache. Any tips to a working ‘Tar-zhay’ mom who gets behind on bills?

  • MJ

    Wine country suits you. Lovely!