How’s this for a pop of color?  Personally, I usually think of hot yellow as an accent color, to be doled out in small quantities.  This photo of Viviana Volpicella at Milan Fashion Week shows that my way certainly isn’t the only way.  In fact, it’s possible to mix three different shades of bright yellow with two prints, neon pink nails, and two arms (and hands) full of jewelry.  (And, as an aside, doesn’t her bag look like it might be made from neon-colored meringue or marsmallow Peeps?  How great is that?!)

In fact, beyond the mix of yellow upon yellow, I love the stack of bracelets in this photo.  Half of the bracelets look like they could be designed for (or by!) children.  The brightly hued stars and hearts mix quite nicely with dainty beads in pastel variations as well as a gold chain link bracelet.

Overall, this look screams, “I’m not afraid to have fun with fashion!  In fact, I’m having a blast!”  While I might not be daring enough to pull off this look, I love Viviana for showing us how it could be done.  And I have to say, I’m coveting her armful of bracelets.  Maybe my daughter could make me some jewelry?

On the other hand, if you want to replicate Viviana’s bracelet explosion, check out the bracelets I’ve found here.

Have a happy Tuesday!

Photo Source: Phil Oh for vogue.com


  • MJ

    Oh good! You are grabbing the West Coast with both be-bangled hands!

  • Well, they’re not my hands, but I wish they were! Maybe the West Coast is having an effect on me!! xo