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With each passing season, I’m becoming more and more enamored with the work of Proenza Schouler.  Their Spring 2013 collection fits right in place with those logistics.  It’s remarkable!

There are so many looks that I love that I had difficulty narrowing it to a representative few.  First, let me say, they’re still using neon (and in interesting combinations), which makes me happy.  Especially since I’m still obsessed with their neon chiffon dress from a few seasons ago, it is a nice way to have something else (and soon-to-be existing in the marketplace) to obsess about.

Also, they keep upping the ante with their leather techniques.  Last season, it was woven leather; now it’s woven and perforated.  Perforated leather for Spring/Summer seems a perfect way to ensure it doesn’t become stifling in the warm weather.  But it also just looks stunning, with all those perfectly placed holes lined up (it’s both ventilation and gorgeous to look at).  Their perforated white leather tee (top left) is whispering (loudly) to me that it wants to come live in my closet.  (“I know, I know, brilliant leather tee.  Let’s wait til you’ve been produced en masse before you inhabit my thoughts so loudly, shall we?”)

Among the other beautiful techniques: the only patchwork I’ve ever liked in my life.  Ever.  (Even my dear Phoebe Philo, who I believe does no wrong in the design department, failed to win me over with this example.)  Theirs is sewn diagonally in a way that causes it to follow the lines of the body, which makes it seem entirely new (and somehow much cooler and less 70s).

Also, the motorcycle jackets made of double faced satin in the most glorious array of blues, greens, and blacks leave me speechless.  As if that’s not enough, the diaphanous dresses with lace cut-outs (a theme emerging for Spring?) are stunning and modern.  Speaking of which, the entire collection is at once cutting edge, modern, and incredibly beautiful and feminine, four adjectives which normally are not seen in a single collection (much less simultaneously in each garment).

Overall, I’d better start saving now.  My heart is already aching to own some of these pieces.

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