Scott Schuman’s photographs are often striking and influential.  His blog, The Sartorialist, is a source of inspiration for all kinds of fashion lovers.  I loved his first book of photographs, so I was excited to hear that he had a second coming out.  I snapped it up at the first chance I got.

Again, I love the photos of both fashion insiders and everyday people wearing their clothes in a way that speaks to who they are.  But I was surprised to find that Scott’s little insights about fashion smattered throughout the book were actually my favorite parts.  As an example, he explains what he thinks makes his girlfriend (and fellow fashion photographer and blogger) Garance Doré so stylish.  He says that it is her ability to “make her decisions based on the intrinsic beauty of any item and not be awed by the status of a designer label or deterred by the stigma of an item being ‘common.'”  He then illustrates with a number of photos of Garance and one, in particular, where she pulls off a chic look with an item from his closet and one from a dime store.

It’s not often that you get to hear the reasoning behind why stylish people choose their clothes or how people who are adept at spotting style do so, so Scott’s words are particularly fascinating.

I highly recommend his book, The Sartorialist: Closer.  You can get it here.


  • I check their pages every day. That book must be a cool “style manual”, if something like is possible!

  • Alexandra

    Their blogs are great, and his books are wonderful. So much inspiration! xo