Sequin Alchemy

I’m no stranger to J. Crew’s whimsical sequin skirts.  I love the way the brand pairs their sequined skirts with casual tops, thereby making them so much more interesting and wearable.  But I totally overlooked the colorblocked version they have now when I first saw it in the catalogue.  The photo there rendered the skirt’s allure less apparent.

But then alchemy occurred– I saw it on one of my favorite street style icons, Tamu McPherson, the blogger behind All the Pretty Birds and editor at, in one of her videos about Milan Fashion Week (you can see the video here).  The way Tamu paired her sequin skirt with a Balenciaga tee rendered both pieces absolute musts to me (whereas before, the allure of the Balenciaga sweatshirts, which have been ubiquitous during Fashion Week, was a bit lost on me).  I absolutely adore how that happens– how a piece can seem uninteresting or unwearable until you see it on an incredibly stylish woman, and then, with her inspiration you feel empowered try a particular piece (or wear it in a way you hadn’t previously imagined).

This is why, for all my love of fashion, it’s actually real women wearing clothes who inspire me most.  Seeing their ideas makes me braver in my choices and allows me to have more fun with the clothes already in my closet.

Here’s a photo of the skirt on J. Crew’s website right now.  Adorable right?  But even better in Tamu’s take, as far as I’m concerned.  What do you think?  How would you wear the skirt?  Or are sequins just not your thing?

You can get the J. Crew skirt here, and they’re currently having a sale (which makes the price of the skirt much more bearable!).  To receive 25% off, enter STYLE25 at checkout.  You can get the Balenciaga tee here (but, hurry, because it seems to be selling out fast).

Have a wonderful day!

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  • I think with sequin skirts that less is more, so I’d totally try and keep what ever I’m pairing it as plain as possible. Love the idea and look of a tee with the skirt and Tamu pulled it off awesomely!


  • I really like the combo with the denim shirt. Now I just need the skirt 😀

    • Alexandra

      Mira- I know, me too!!

  • sandra

    i think sequins make everything happy and bright! such a great idea to pair with a tee! i for one as a mother of two am not getting decked out on a daily basis- but the tee shirt combo makes it so much more realistic 🙂