Sweet Repeat


Sometimes I worry that if I have a standout accessory, it has a shelf life.  That it should be worn only every so often, and once a season passes it may seem dated (until a few seasons pass, and then- voila! It’s vintage!!).  Well, the stylistic choices of a few fashionable ladies at New York Fashion Week showed me just how naive such thinking was.

Case in point: Jenna Lyons.  The photos above, taken from various seasons and, clearly, a whole bunch of different outfits, show that a neon yellow bag goes with more than you (or at least I) might have thought.  Jenna paired hers with such disparate choices as jeans, fur coats, satin blouses, chambray, Celine printed pants, leather leggings, and at least one coat that I, for one, would have thought it to clash with.

Shows how limited my thinking was.  It’s wonderful to see how many ways Ms. Lyons thought to pair her stunning Proenza Schouler neon python handbag.  She’s certainly making use of her gorgeous bag!  And inspiring me to pair some of my more bold accessories in new ways.

Will she never cease to inspire?  Rock on, Jenna Lyons!

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  • sandra

    what a great bag! i have had the same thinking too. i love seeing how many ways she wears it! so versatile. note to self: think outside the box 🙂

  • She is so cool it’t just not even fair!

  • I just love the PS11 bag and I think it’s so awesome that that bold bag she’s carrying pretty much works with everything! Very inspiring!