Creativity At Work

I’ve been looking forward to Heather Clawson’s book Creativity At Work since I first read about it on her blog, Habitually Chic.  It arrived from Amazon tonight, and it is better than I had even hoped.  Filled with inspirational photos of the workspaces of stylish people, it really gets your own creative juices flowing.

It hardly surprised me that my favorite space was Jenna Lyons’.  In fact, it just cemented my love of her style.

But I was also impressed by something unexpected: many of the offices and creative spaces were filled with pretty standard office furniture.  It wasn’t high-end furniture or priceless art that made them chic and creative.  Instead, it was usually the objects, the moodboards, the art on the walls (often pulled from magazines, hand-sketched, or made by children) that made the spaces stylish and inspiring.  It’s what you bring to your space that makes it creative and chic.

Bring it.  And check out Creativity At Work.  You’ll be so happy you did.

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