I’ll Have What She’s Having

Every so often it happens: you learn of a captivating stranger, of whom you’ve never heard before.  But a few clicks and the beginnings of an Internet stalking situation later, you are in deep.  Totally enthralled and ready to follow her lead in all things– from her breakfast choices to workout regime, favorite designers, you name it.

This happened to me today.  A quick perusal of Garance Doré’s delightful blog introduced me to Costanza Pascolato.  Now I want to be her.  But not just yet.  In precisely thirty-five years, when I will be her age (72– can you believe it??).  Okay, maybe even in 25 years.  She is so cool and so radly (okay, not a word) individual, I’d settle for looking her 72 at my own 62.

It turns out (thank you, Google) she is an Italian living in Brazil who has been immersed in fashion for thirty years: first as a newspaper journalist and later at Vogue Brazil.  She does pilates every day (and has for 12 years!), has two daughters, and has a vintage collection to rival just about any other on the planet.

But the chicest thing about Costanza?  Her mindset.  She proves that youth is not a matter of age, but of attitude.  Check out what she told Vogue Australia recently:

“I never felt as confident as I did the day I turned 70, it’s true. In São Paulo we have a lot of parties and everybody dresses marvellously well. You see jewels on show that you could never truly imagine. So for my birthday party I thought I would show off in my own way, by exaggerating my hair and wearing a super-short dress with very high heels. I just told myself I had to be as confident as I could be.”

Significantly, she knows what works on her (admitting she wears shorter heels these days because her feet hurt, but also says she always wears short pants because she has great ankles she wants to show off), but she also pulls off some of the best looks in current fashion (witness the photo of her wearing a current season Isabel Marant cowboy jacket.  Hello???  Is this what 72 looks like now?  If so, sign me up!).

I am enthralled, enamored, besotted. . . you get the point.  And I loooooooove that my latest fashion inspiration is turning 73 soon.  Don’t you?  Could she possibly be any cooler??

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