Sink Your Teeth In

I’ve never been a fan of houndstooth.  It must remind me of the 80s (in a bad way), or something, because I have a pretty visceral reaction against it.  But lately I’ve seen houndstooth done in such a modern, impeccable way that my mind is starting to change on the subject.  How stunning is the picture above, after all?  How chic and simple and perfect can one woman standing in the falling rain be?  Apparently, super chic, simple, and perfect.  Glorious.

And then there’s the delightful, smiling, casually chic Garance Doré rocking her houndstooth.  Between these two fabulous ladies, they’re making me feel as though houndstooth is not, actually, a vestige of the past, meant to be buried away and forgotten; but rather, a modern and urbane print meant to be mixed with chic separates.

What about you?  What are your feelings about houndstooth (or am I the only one with feelings about it?)?  Which side of the divide do you fall on?

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