Festive Dressing

Once Halloween is in the rear view mirror, the holidays are close behind.  As a result, I’ve had holiday dressing (and gifts and plans) on my mind lately.  Have you too?

Holiday dressing is always a fun and slightly daunting proposition.  You want to look good (of course) and festive, but also appropriate for a gathering that may involve your boss (ahh, the famed office holiday party), your grandma, or a priest (Midnight Mass, on Christmas Eve, for example or, more my speed, the four o’clock kids’ Mass).  I think this great Tibi  dress meets all those requirements.  It’s a classic (with its simple sheath shape) with just a touch of the unexpected (in the form of metallic lace sleeves).

I think it’d be lovely for the holidays and any number of other Fall/Winter festivities this year or in years to come.  I love it with black shoes but also think it’d be such fun to wear with a bright shoe (maybe red or green) as well.

I’m thinking something like this:

What do you think?  Would you wear this to a holiday party?  Thinking no?  Or are you, like my mother, hesitant to even contemplate Christmas because it’s not yet Thanksgiving?



  • That’s the perfect dress for an office party – I’m always at such a loss to wear to M’s company holiday party because they’re very formal, versus my office is very casual. This is a great look!

  • Alexandra

    Lauren- I’m so glad you like it. I’m definitely lusting over it myself. 🙂

  • Tibi has been having some great pieces lately and I’m loving that dress. I think it’s classic and one of those items that you could mix and match with a lot. Love the pairing of those green pumps for a nice pop of color. I would totally wear it to a holiday party! Let us know what you decide!