Forever Classic

Though I dabble in the land of color much more now than in the past (when I stuck to almost all black with the occasional smattering of grey), when I see a photo with just black and white clothing, I’m always reinspired (apparently not a word, but you get my gist, right?).

Something about the combination of black and white is so clean, classic, and inspiring.  It never looks like it’s trying too hard.  No matter the situation, it always seems just right.

The photo above of Emily Weiss instantly brought me to a halt and made me stare.  It made me slow down my busy internet perusal and contemplate a way to bring such cool classicism to my own wardrobe (since shorts in San Francisco are basically not happening).

Shop the look here:


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  • That really is such a great look and so it’s no surprise that you were so drawn to it! 🙂


    • Black and white never gets old. And you rock it beautifully, Theresa! Have a great weekend!

  • sandra

    i just LOVE classic 🙂 and that jcrew coat is FABULOUS! love it

    • Cool, right? Have a great weekend!