Inspired By: Jenna Lyons’ Office

Can you tell I’m still thinking about Jenna Lyons’ office?  As I mentioned the other day, it is beautifully covered in Heather Clawson’s new book Creativity At Work.  After perusing those pages repeatedly, I’ve scoured the Earth for more photos of it, because short of having a meeting chez Jenna, how else can one fully appreciate all the details lovingly compiled inside?

Isn’t Jenna’s office grand?  I love the color she injects so boldly and unexpectedly (do you know anyone else with a hot pink desk or a stack of hot yellow luggage in her office?  How about a pink fur thrown over the chair?) along with a geometric black and white moroccan rug.

I’ve hunted down the items inside Jenna’s office, because now that we’ve been so inspired, it’s essential to know where to procure these items, no?  Behold  . . .

From Top: J. Crew Martha Necklace / Pink Sheepskin Rug / Yellow Tivoli Radio / Archie Grand Notebooks / Black and White Moroccan Rug / Yellow J. Crew Luggage / Pink Strut Table

Thank you for the inspiration, Jenna!!  Have a wonderful weekend all!

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