On Seasons and Shopping

I have to confess that I’m utterly confused about seasons and shopping right now.  Part of the problem is I’ve moved to a climate with only one season: Fall.  That makes dressing a challenge, to be sure.  Layering makes the most sense, of course, so that layers can be easily added and subtracted.  But what does this mean, as far as a year-long wardrobe goes?  And, of course, there will be getaways, which have to be planned for (which is difficult when you’ve forgotten where your shorts and sundresses are because they’ve become all but unnecessary).

Also complicating matters: the timing of clothing purveyors’ sales.  I was just about to purchase a sweater with a sequin Santa emblazoned on the front, when I noticed that items for Cruise collections are now available.  All of those pretty pastels seemed like the new new thing, and made my Santa sweater seem outdated already. . . but Thanksgiving’s barely over??

Help!!!!  How do you cope with all of this season shifting?  How far in advance do you plan your wardrobe?

If you stay on top of what’s coming ahead for Fashion, how do you maintain a sense of where we’re at right now?

Am I the only one confused by this?

Santa Sweater: Markus Lupfer / Pastel Swimsuit: Zimmermann


  • sandra

    live in the moment 🙂

  • Alexandra

    So no planning ahead?

  • Veronica lopez

    The collections are always a season ahead. You always get the good pieces when you shop ahead. For instance cruise is always meant to be worn year round. For instance, we get boots for cruise, so you can wear them now. This season pastels are huge, you can mix it in with your fall wardrobe and still shop for fall too. Fall collection if you get lucky will get good pieces on sale.