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There are many ways to stay in touch with In Jackie’s Shoes.  (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for instance.  The links are to the right in bright pink.)  Now you can also follow IJS on Bloglovin’ (the service that lets you sign up to follow as many blogs as you like, and then sends you one email with all their updates– handy, no?)  You can click the link below to sign up.  And soon, there’ll be a pink plus sign in the links to the right that’ll also allow you to sign up there.  So there’s no excuse for following behind.  Other than, say, a massive sale at Barney’s or your child’s birthday party.  Okay, neither of those work anymore, either, because Bloglovin’ will update you via email.  And then you can catch up after the birthday party or sale.  Or during, if the line is crazy long . . . .   You get the picture.

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