Statement Coat(ed)

Before moving to San Francisco, the thought of a “statement coat” made little sense to me.  I would have much rather made a statement with my bag and shoes.  But when you live in a climate where a coat is a necessity nearly every day of the year (save for about a month during what people in other climates consider Fall), statement coats make a lot more sense.

This one by Alexander Wang fits the bill.  It’s cut like a cool motorcycle jacket, but in a totally untraditional color (white) and fabric (coated tweed).  I was on the fence about it for a while, until I saw it in person and realized its many virtues.  Unlike white coats in other fabrics, this one does not attract dirt and various other color-dulling substances.  Unlike wool or leather, it’s water-repellant and perfect for uncertain weather.

Added on top of an otherwise simple, low-key outfit, it really makes a statement.  Even if that statement is, “I want to look hip and stay clean.”  How many other white coats can do such things?

Coat: Alexander Wang / Sweater: The Row / Jeans: AG / Boots: Isabel Marant


  • emily

    incase any of your readers saw this and wanted one….it’s on sale in Aus.

    Love, love, love San Fran, hope you are enjoying it!

    • Alexandra

      Emily- What a great tip!!!!! Thank you!!! Check it out, gals!

      So far I’m really loving San Francisco. It’s a lovely city. 🙂