Technicolor Dreams

This photo of Hannah Lambert, assistant to fashion critic Sarah Mower, caught my eye when I first saw it months ago.  How could it not, frankly?  Her inspired blend of old and new, sequins, fur, faded rock tee, bows, and braces (not to mention her joyful expression) struck me as completely different from anything I’d seen before.  When I ran across the photo again recently, it inspired me all over again.

Now, don’t fret– I’m not about to dye my hair cotton candy pink or reapply braces that I had for nearly a decade during my youth (no joke), but this photo of Hannah (courtesy of Candice Lake) does inspire me to want to be a bit more carefree and insouciant with my fashion choices.  What’s there to lose?  It’s just fashion, after all.  And joy  (invoked by fashion or otherwise) is contagious.  Though I didn’t make a list of resolutions this year (for the first year EVER!), this doesn’t seem like a bad sartorial resolution.

Did you make resolutions this year?  If so, how’s it going?

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  • Sandra

    Like the Zoe K. Tee 🙂

    • Alexandra

      It’s fun, right? I’m glad you like it!! It could go with sooo much. 🙂