Water Print

Proenza Schouler just gets better and better.  And looking again at their Pre-Fall collection, this water print (apparently inspired by photos of watery caves) is seriously speaking to me.  The color, metallic tones, and mixture with black seem like exactly what I’ll want to be wearing in the Fall.

Besides that, how cool is the bag she’s carrying?  I love how the cobalt and yellow play off each other (and the turquoise of the clothing).

Now, granted, Fall 2013 seems like a gazillion years away.  As it is, it’s just barely Winter (or 2013, for that matter).  And I’ll admit that there are times (like, perhaps, right now) when I completely lose track of what season it is (what with how hard I’m trying to pretend that it’s Spring and the fact that in San Francisco you basically have to pretend about all the seasons because it’s always just about the same weather).  Anyway, for all of these reasons, I shall file this photo away as “What I Want to Look Like in (Pre)Fall” and come back to it when it’s less pre-Pre-Fall, if you catch my drift.

In the meantime, here are some current Proenza Schouler pieces that are begging to enter my closet (and yours):



  • Love that bag! I want 🙂

    • Alexandra

      Callie- I’m sooo with you.