A Breath of Fresh Air

Are you finding it as impossible to avoid having a crush on Jennifer Lawrence as I am?  I loved her in Silver Linings Playbook, but seeing her interviews of late have made me like her even more.  She’s so down-to-earth and unfazed by all the hoopla surrounding her.  Her responses are so real and humble.

Then there was the graceful way she dealt with her fall up the stairs when accepting her Oscar (which has to be every actor’s biggest nightmare, but she pulled it off with such aplomb!).  And have you seen the video of her freaking out when Jack Nicholson stopped to congratulate her during an interview? Check it out here; it’s priceless.

And her Dior gown was my favorite of the night.  But I’m sure her fabulous self only cemented that for me (not to mention her backward-facing necklace).  She’s a breath of fresh air!  Rock on, Jennifer!

If you can’t get enough Jennifer Lawrence (comme moi) check out this Vanity Fair interview she did a few months back and this fabulous compilation of GIFs of Jennifer on Oscar night.

Don’t you just love her??

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  • She is so fantastic!! Her fall made her even more adorable. I hope that if I have ever have a similar experience I can handle myself the same way.

    • Alexandra

      I totally agree. And I hope the same, though I fear a fall of mine would be MUCH less graceful. 😉