If ever you’re unclear about whether or not you like a handbag, I think seeing it in the arms of Kate Moss will elucidate your thoughts on the matter.  If there’s any chance that you might end up coveting said bag, seeing it lovingly cradled by Kate will take you straight to that end place.  When I first laid eyes on the Lucrezia bag in the Givenchy Spring 2013 ad above, it nearly took my breath away.  I knew instantly that I would be contemplating it in the months ahead.

As anticipated, I’m still thinking about it.  And seeing it in the arms of another model, Miranda Kerr (who takes day dressing to another level, with her crisp separates and always enviable handbags), has only cemented it in my dreams.  Its clean lines, two handle options, and simple hardware make it both lovely and lustworthy.

Do you agree?  What do you think of Givenchy’s latest bag, the Lucrezia?  You can find it here.

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  • sandra

    i don’t know what is happening with my computer?! i posted earlier and it is gone 🙁 anyway, love the bag. and kate moss totally makes it lustworthy. can see why you have been eyeing the bag 🙂 so classic but updated and a perfect bag for a busy mom 😉

    • Alexandra

      Totally!! Hmmm… I don’t know what happened to your other comment, but thanks for writing again. Gotta love Kate.

  • Want, want, want. In black, of course!

    • Alexandra

      Amen! Me too, Lauren. 😉