The Power of Crew

This skirt jumped out at me when I first saw it in the J. Crew catalog, but when I saw it styled in a totally different (and casual) way, it took on a new (and more powerful) context in my mind.  I love how that happens.  How styling can change the way you look at a piece of clothing.  And how one piece can go so many different ways.

I have to admit that it wouldn’t have occurred to me to pair this skirt with a sweatshirt, jean jacket, and sneakers.  But seeing it styled in this way makes me love it all the more.

Casual styling is taking fashion by storm these days, and I think we have J. Crew (and Jenna Lyons) largely to thank for that.  Jeans can be worn nearly anywhere.  Denim shirts too.  As long as they’re paired with tailored pieces (so as to not look sloppy) and some kind of snazzy shoe, casual pieces can be really amazing and worn just about anywhere.  Though I love dressing up, this is a welcome prospect to me (given that my day-to-day existence doesn’t normally justify being totally decked out).

So I’m going to see where else this can take me.  If a fabulous pink and red skirt can work with denim, a sweatshirt, and sneakers, what else can be done with casual styling?

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