Céline You in the Fall

I have a not-so-secret affection for Phoebe Philo’s Céline.  There’s very little she does that I don’t, well, swoon over.  In fact, even her furry sandals for Spring 2013 have gradually come to make sense to me (they certainly look comfortable, after all).

The new Fall collection didn’t take any time for me to make sense of; I just love it.  While skirts are certainly not my everyday wear, they are everywhere for Fall 2013, and Phoebe’s take on them is among my favorites.  When paired with midi boots, they seem new and fabulous.

And the coats– ahhh, the coats.  The peach one at top, in particular, is calling my name.  And the gorgeous, thick knit, bell-sleeved sweater– how fabulous would that look with so many things, including jeans?

I love that Céline pieces are so special and, simultaneously, so wearable.  They are easily paired with separates of all sorts.  They are of the highest quality and live forever.  And while there are different themes explored each season, they are ultimately perfectly executed, quietly fabulous classics with a touch of cool.

And that’s about all I could wish for.  Well, other than a Céline fairy who visits a few times each year to bestow you with your favorite pieces.  How would that be for fabulous?

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  • Yes, her pieces are just simply divine


  • Phoebe continually amazes me! Her collections are really just impeccable and I totally agree with you about them being special. That’s for sure. I’m drawn to so many pieces from it for fall and I’m really lovin’ those plaid pieces. 🙂


  • All I could think when I saw the latest Celine was ‘wow’. It really is beautiful. That peachy cocoon coat is one of my faves from the whole lot!