Get Ruffled

One of the trends for Spring is modern ruffles.  Normally I would not be caught dead in a ruffle– they’re too girly for my aesthetic.  However, the way that Givenchy and Balenciaga interpreted ruffles this season is new and different and more refined.  Their ruffles are paired with strong silhouettes that make them both feminine and tough– a combination I always like.

What do you think of these ruffles?  Would you get down with them (or a less expensive cousin, like this Zara option or this from ASOS)?

The Givenchy collection is available here; and the Balenciaga collection is here.


  • I really love how both of these brands interpreted ruffles. It’s so fresh and totally stands out to me from what I typically think of when a ‘ruffle’ comes to mind. I’m down! 🙂


    • Theresa- Cool! Me too. I would love to rock one of these looks. I’d love to see you in them too!!