My Dreams + The J. Crew Catalog

When I was growing up, I used to dream of living in the J. Crew catalog (no, really, I did).  What a perfect world it was!   Not only were the clothes fabulous (and classic), the inhabitants of the catalog (including a hunky male model I imagined would make the perfect husband) seemed to live perfect lives, involving perpetually clean homes and perfect beach houses.  (See, I told you it was a dream!)

Working at J. Crew when I was in college did nothing to dissuade me from this dream.  In fact, working up close with their wares made me love J. Crew even more (I’m not sure I made any money that didn’t go right back to the company to buy clothes and shoes).

Fast forward to the present day.  Many years have passed since I first began to dream of inhabiting J. Crew’s world.  I have a real husband (rather than my model dream; that guy still models, but darn, he looks old now!) and actual children (who often wear Crew Cuts clothing), and a house that is only sometimes pristine (and never for long).  But my love for J. Crew’s clothes has not faded.  In fact, it’s likely only intensified in the Era of Jenna (Lyons, the current President and Creative Director of the company, who has also become the “face” of J. Crew).

Now when a J. Crew catalog arrives in the mail, I still page though it as fast as possible (while still being careful; I don’t want to disturb the pristine world therein), mark all the pages where there’s an item I love, and start dreaming of where I could wear the different pieces.

And, speaking of love, I am besotted with every item on the cover of the current catalog (in the glorious hummingbird print).  Trouble is, it all sold out in record time.  I think it may have been gone by the time I got my catalog.  This dress (in a different color) and this iphone case (click on the “bright hydrangea option” and here it is for iPhone 5) appear to be the only things left in this print.  But the glorious shoes, which make an appearance in this intoxicating video featuring Jenna (and J. Crew’s shoes) are gone, baby, gone.  As are the minaudiere and shorts.  So sad!!

I know that J. Crew has only added to their cache by allowing their items to sell out, but it’s a serious bummer when there is such a limited number that it’s nearly impossible get a coveted piece (one J. Crew associate told me that a lot of items get pre-sold before they ever arrive).  I’m praying J. Crew realizes how many people want these items and bring them back, but I’m not sure what the chances of this are.  A girl’s gotta dream though, right?

Luckily, there are lots of other gorgeous items available at J. Crew right now.  I’m particularly smitten with these pants, this minaudière, and these shoes.  The dream continues. . .

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  • It’s been really cool to see how the brand has evolved and their selection has just become incredible! Totally lovin’ the pieces you’re after! 😉