Why Not Glow In the Dark?

When I first saw Alexander Wang’s Spring 2013 collection, full of white (that subsequently began to glow in the dark when the lights were shut off), I thought, “Hmmm. . . that’s different.”  It looked cool and unique and perhaps just a tiny bit gimmicky.

But as so often happens with fashion, when a show (or piece) marinates in your mind and the culture for six months, there’s no telling what the end result will be.  Well, more accurately, there’s a fair chance that something you think is odd upon first viewing (Céline furry Birkenstocks, anyone?) starts to make complete sense, and the need for it in your closet suddenly feels overwhelming.  Of course, it’s possible that this won’t happen, that you won’t come to love that once-scoffed-at item.  No, it may never make sense to you or seem necessary (and even Céline is capable of this– do you recall the pumps shaped like feet, complete with painted toenails?  If I ever own a pair of those, you have permission to stop me in the street and mock me to my face, even if I don’t have them on).  But the benefit of time passed may just make you see the innovation behind an idea, the genius behind the weirdness (turns out furry Birkenstocks look insanely comfortable once you get used to the fact you’ve never seen them before).

Anyway, you may be guessing where this is going: I now am desperate to glow in the dark.  Well, no, but I do seriously want a piece of Alexander Wang’s white glow-in-the-dark collection (especially the accessories).  First, because white is so springy and eeeeverywhere in both Spring and Fall collections.  Second, because, well, you have a special party trick for when the lights go out.  (Given that I don’t tend to hang out in dark clubs, I’ll have to manually turn off the lights when I’m trying to impress, but at least I have that option.  And if you do hang out in dark clubs, you’re going to be easy to find and quite notable).  Third, there’s something inspired about taking the same item from day to night, but then finding it entirely different and new.

I feel the need to get glowing.  Care to join me?

There are a bunch of glowy options, care of Mr. Wang.  There is a pouch, a handbag, and sandals.  Enjoy!!

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  • I think those accessories are so fun! You should totally get something. 🙂


    • Alexandra

      Aren’t they fun? I think I might have to get one, Theresa! 😉

  • ohmygosh these are really awesome – a little gimmicky, yes, but still really cool. I love the tote bag!

    • Alexandra

      I agree, Elle! The tote bag is very fun. 🙂