A Few (More) Things I Love About Jenna Lyons

I could hardly contain my excitement when I noticed that the new Bazaar magazine contained a feature describing 24 hours with one of my sartorial heroes– Jenna Lyons.  Here are some of my favorite tidbits:

-She wakes up as late as she possibly can (which despite needing to get her son ready for his day, an hour and fifteen minute commute, and a high-powered job to prepare for, means 7:35 am!  I am so jealous, and I love that Jenna is not an early bird!)

-She likes her coffee to taste as much like coffee ice cream as possible (how sweet is that?!).

-She admits she obsessively checks Instagram– even during meetings.

-She loves looking at magazines and has stacks of them all around her house.  Let’s just say I can relate.

I didn’t need any more excuses to love Jenna Lyons, but now I have a whole bunch more.  Is it just me, or is she (nearly) every gal’s dream BFF?

Have a great weekend!!

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  • I totally share your sentiment! She’s awesome! Always love reading more about her! 🙂


    • Theresa-
      I don’t know about you, but I cannot get enough Jenna!!