Hair Magic

A few months ago I discovered a product that has since changed my life and made me feel shaky when I’m without it.  What could be so amazing, you ask?  Well, just a dry shampoo that adds volume and texture to hair and basically makes you look like a supermodel or Bridgette Bardot with a quick spritz.

Oribe’s Dry Texturizing spray is no joke.  Which might be why every time I go into a store asking if they carry it, the nearly universal response seems to be, “No, unfortunately we don’t, but that is the most-asked question we get.”  Hmmm…peeps, maybe you should start carrying it?  (Just a suggestion.)

I love the theory behind dry shampoos.  Not having to embark on the superlong journey of washing, drying, straightening, curling, but looking like you did?  Perfection.  Dry shampoo lets you look like you just did your hair when, in fact, you didn’t just do your hair.  (This is essentially as close to a full-on miracle in a product as you can get.)  However, a lot of dry shampoos have issues– like, for instance, weird smells that linger with your hair forever (or so it seems).

Oribe’s Dry Texturizing spray, on the other hand, smells fabulous, sort of fruity and floral but in a sophisticated way (not like the first perfume you overused in seventh grade).  It also does what it says– it “texturizes” or adds body and lift into your hair, which most dry shampoos don’t.  Rather than looking limp but clean-ish (which seems to be the result of many dry shampoos), this one makes your hair look overall gorgeous- with some added lift and body (and who couldn’t use that?).  I’ve even been known to spritz some on just-washed hair just for the added boost (and scent).

I seriously love this product (you couldn’t tell, right?).  I think you will too.

Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray (it also comes in a purse sized spray)




  • I am completely sold!!

    • Alexandra

      Callie, I’m so happy to hear that! It’s ridiculously good. I couldn’t find mine for a few days and was really feeling stressed out about it and how fast I could get more. 😉 If you try it, let me know what you think!

  • You have totally convinced me to try it haha! Sounds great!


    • Alexandra

      Theresa- Yay! I hope you love it as much as I do. I think you will!