The Shop (Full of Inspiration) Around the Corner

If you have an hour to browse, Fillmore Street in San Francisco has something for you.  Whatever your interests, there is a shop curated with items you’ll love.  For me, that shop is Juicy News, one of the most remarkable magazine (and newpaper, book, gift, and card) stores I’ve ever laid eyes on.  Full of as much news, fashion, literature, photography, travel, and decor inspiration as you can take in, it is one of my favorite places in San Francisco (or anywhere else for that matter).

And it’s no flash in the pan.  Founded in 1993, and an integral part of the community, Juicy News is a thriving hotbed of activity.  Owner Moe Salimi carefully edits his selections for his customers, stocking his shop with all the latest editions of San Francisco, US, and International publications.  The staff knows their customers’ interests, is ready with suggestions, if needed, and even has dog treats for the dogs who pop in with their owners and chocolate for the kids who come in with their parents.  It’s no wonder that Juicy News is full of repeat customers who see it as a destination.

A great magazine selection is hard enough to find, in this Internet era, but a stellar International magazine selection accompanied by beautiful coffee table books, journals, newspapers from around the globe, an unrivaled assortment of cards, and even gifts for kids is downright miraculous.  No wonder this is my happy place, sure to inspire me on any given day of the week.

If you’re in San Francisco and love magazines (or just about any other kind of printed matter), stop by Juicy News.  It’ll rock your world.


  • I was obsessed with that place when I lived in SF!! Seriously, I got so excited when I saw your first pic and I knew what you were going to talk about. Such an awesome selection and cute cards and gifts too. I used to go buy some reading material and then walk over to Alta Plaza and read while enjoying the crazy beautiful view.

    • Callie- I LOVE that we share this in common!! What a great idea to head over to Alta Plaza with a stack of magazines. I’m going to have to try that one of these days!

  • I LOVEEEE(d) this shop. I used to work near there and would walk up during my lunch break sometimes and load up on glossies. They have the most amazing selection!