Lace It Up

These Givenchy sneakers are speaking to me right now.  I’ve made no secret of my adoration of the combination of black and white lately.  And sneakers are just “it” these days– they are perfect with nearly anything, including summer dresses.  Add the component of lace to the equation (lace, which is big for this coming Fall and next Spring, so that’s another box that can be checked), and what could be more perfect?

The fact that these sneakers don’t actually need to be laced, but rather slide right on, makes them easy on top of all their other inherent qualities.  So, I submit, they have a great deal going for them.  Hence, their addition to my Wish List.

For another fabulous (and less pricey) option, check these out.


  • I absolutely love those! The combo of lace with the sneaker silhouette is just too good!


    • Alexandra

      I’m with you, Theresa!! I’m totally smitten, and I feel like they could go with almost everything in my closet! 😉

  • sandra

    love those