Rainbows Over Boston

Tonight, in an epic finale to our stay in Boston, an enormous double rainbow appeared over the city.  Capping off a few days of glorious summer weather, rain blew in an out, leaving the most stunning rainbows I’ve ever witnessed.  Though I tried fervently to take as many pictures as possible (our cab driver, driving us to dinner with friends, kindly stopped more than once to indulge my desire to capture the wondrous site), pictures don’t really capture exactly how amazing (and wildly bright) this rainbow (and its brother) were.

Some Bostonians took these signs of the glory of nature to mean that the Bruins would win their game that evening.  I’m sure there were other interpretations as well.  We were driving down Boylston Street (right near the finish line of the Boston Marathon) when we noticed them, so that could lead to other interpretations, if you’re the kind of person who looks to nature for signs.

Though I’m not afraid to look for signs from above in just about anything, on this occasion, I was just wowed and grateful for these amazing spectacles and the chance to see them.  Thankful for the time in the city I consider my homebase, appreciative for all the wonderful time I’ve spent with friends and family here, and, well, just grateful, in general.

Now, we head home.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that those rainbows held good tidings for the cross-country flight we’re about to make with our young kids.

I’ll let you know how it goes. . . .

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