Solange Knowles has “It”: that uncanny ability to wear color, mix prints, rock an Afro, and wear a bright lip, and she did all of the above long before it was the hip thing to do.  In fact, it’s likely she helped usher in these trends.  Her style (from wearing bright colors, wild prints, and embrace sky-high slits) is an inspiration, and her ability to boldly dress how she pleases (regardless of trends) is worthy of emulating.  Rock on Solange!  You and your style inspire!
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  • sandra

    great post. love your style pics

  • Totally agree with you! She definitely has such a great sense of style and I always love seeing what she comes up with next. That last dress she’s wearing was always a fave on her. Have sandals in that same print. 😉 But yeah, she’s very inspiring for sure!