So(ul) Excited!

I can hardly contain the excitement I’m feeling over the arrival of one of my favorite things on Earth to my area. This weekend Soul Cycle (the spinning studio that had previously only been in NYC and LA) came to San Francisco (well, more accurately, it came to Marin County, but it’ll arrive in San Francisco toward the end of the summer).

A few summers ago, I spent time at their Bridgehampton studio.  There, I developed an intense love of all things related to Soul Cycle. I also happened to meet Kelly Ripa (an ardent fan of Soul Cycle, who happens to be as sweet, fun, and pint-sized as you’d imagine). She congratulated me after I finished my first class (see, I told you she was sweet!) and told me that it takes about five classes before you feel like you’re truly in the groove.   That said, I developed an addiction to its heart-pounding workout just about right away.

If you’ve heard of Soul Cycle before, but not yet experienced it, it may seem like some kind of exercise cult, given how addicted its clients get (and how vociferous they are, myself included), but really it’s just the raddest spin studio EVER!!!!  I never liked spinning before (or exercise classes, for that matter– I’m more of a solo exerciser), but combined with candlelight, amazing music, and inspiring instructors, it’s an unparalleled work-out experience.  Combine a yoga/running high and a dance party and you have Soul Cycle.

Soul Cycle was recently acquired by Equinox, and it is expanding rapidly.  If it’s not already in your area, it probably will be soon.  In the meantime, you can bring the Soul Cycle experience to you by:

1) downloading some of the music they use in their classes here (I also have found the Pop and Hip-Hop Power Workout station on Pandora to play similar tunes)

2) you can purchase their grapefruit-scented candles and burn them near you while doing your own home workout (with the lights down low).  I’ll admit that if you come into my home gym, you’ll find three of them around our workout equipment.

3) there’s plenty of other Soul gear, including the Soul Cycle bike, which you can purchase, if you’re really desperate (which I may have been over these years). . .

I made due with these strategies during the years between my actual Soul Cycle experiences, and I have to say, while they certainly can’t capture the community feeling that Soul Cycle classes engender, they helped me to approximate the unparalleled Soul Cycle workout until one came to my area.  The grapefruit-scented candle can put a smile on my face any old time.  But now there’s a Soul Cycle in my area.  So excuse me while I go celebrate (and ride)!

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  • I am so excited for you!! I still haven’t tried it, but I’m warming up to the idea 🙂