Summer Uniform

One of my friends texted me a picture from the Anthropologie dressing room wearing the above jumpsuit today.  First, I nearly keeled over because she looked so fabulous, but then my mind started reeling with the possibilities.  Because this jumpsuit looked so much like Isabel Marant.  BUT it’s only $88.  It’s such a perfect piece, I’d turn it into my summer uniform with these accessories.  With a few changes here and there (like maybe some color and some wild shades), I think you could wear this roughly three days a week.  Or that’s what I’d do, anyway.  Thanks for the inspiration, Emily!

Jumpsuit: Anthropologie / Straw Tote: Club Monaco / Perfume: Folle de Joie / Sunglasses: Madewell / Sandals: Prada


  • A cute jumpsuit! I can definitely see how it would be perfect for the summer or on vacation.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Alexandra

      Thank you, Josephina! Jumpsuits for summer are among my absolute favorites! Have you tried one yet? I think it’d look great on you!